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Our team is very stable. Every member of it is a salaried employee of the company and embodies our culture of service.

On our customers' requirement, we implement full cross-border processes in order to make them benefit from an increasingly international economic environment.

Jean-René GRITON

Jean-René GRITON

Founding Partner

Jean-René Griton has advised exit operations, equity interest acquisitions and fund raising deals in the fields of press and publishing, software, transports, B2B services, manufacturing, cosmetics, environment, wholesale and specialised distribution, and food processiong. He holds a Master's degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Paris IX Dauphine. He is involved on a regular basis in valuation issues before boards of directors of family groups. Between 2008 and 2015, Jean-René Griton has been president of the ACIFTE, professional body delivering the regulatory status of Investment advisor under the supervision of the AMF. This role has lead him to contribute strongly to the writing of rules and regulations applicable to the M&A practice in France. This work was done in close relationship with the AMF and the governmental authorities. Prior to incorporating Aurignac Finance, Jean-René Griton was M&A senior manager with Arthur Andersen and E&Y.




Raphaël Brenier joined Aurignac Finance at the beginning of 2006, he had previously worked with BNP Paribas AM. He holds a Master's degree in Finance and Banking from the University of Paris II Assas and an MA in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris IX Dauphine. He has been involved in numerous deals in the following sectors : IT, business services, cosmetics, B2B distribution, agrifood industry, aerospace and engineering. He has also a very strong expertise in carve out operations especially for large multinationals.



Director | Secretary-General

Stoyan Kostadinov joined Aurignac Finance in 2007, he has previously worked with Société Générale CIB. 

He graduated from both Magistère of Finance and the Business Law Instituted of the University of Paris II Assas. He speaks fluenty five languages including English, Russian and Polish. 

He has been involved in numerous deals in the following sectors : publishing, B2B distribution, environment civil work, and agri-food industry. He has a strong expertise of all the aspects of implementing a sectoral build up strategy especially within large multinational groups. 

He holds responsibilities within alumni organizations and for several years he is in charge of teaching corporate valuation techniques in a Master of Paris II University.

Christine de BRIGANTI

Christine de BRIGANTI


Christine de Briganti joined Aurignac Finance at the beginning of 2010, she had previously worked with Crédit Agricole Group.

She graduated from Audencia Nantes business school with a Master's degree in Finance. She speaks fluently three languages including English and Arabic.

She has been involved in numerous deals in the following sectors : logistics, luxury, communication, marketing, digital transformation, agri-food industry, and business scholl industry. 

Arnaud de LAROCHE

Arnaud de LAROCHE


Arnaud de Laroche joined Aurignac Finance in 2021 after 4 years in M&A at Adviso Partners. He has also worked in private equity and consulting.

He holds an MS in management and corporate finance from em Lyon and a degree in mathematics from Keele University (UK). He is fluent in three languages including English and Spanish.

He has worked on transactions in the industrial , IT and B2B services and distribution sectors.



Senior Analyst

Clotilde Bouvat-Martin joined Aurignac Finance in 2021 after 3 years of experience in M&A at Croissance Partenaires and at Deloitte in restructuring.

She has a double degree in business law from the University of Paris II Assas and in finance from em Lyon. She is fluent in three languages including English and German.

She has worked on transactions in the logistics, real estate and services sectors.

Elias SECK

Elias SECK

Senior Analyst

Elias Seck joined Aurignac Finance in the course of 2019 after having gained first experience in M&A among others within Aurignac.


Elias graduated from ISC Paris with a Master’s degree in International Corporate Finance and from the Nottingham Business School in Great Britain.

Pierre GOHON

Pierre GOHON


Pierre Gohon joined Aurignac Finance in 2020 after having worked in the Restructuring department of Mazars and first experience in M&A within Aurignac.


Pierre graduated from em Lyon business school with a Master’s degree in management and finance, and is an accounting and management certificate holder. He has studied among others in India.


Our team



Our action is reinforced by the intervention dedicated to Aurignac Finance of six recognised sectoral experts in the following fields:

• Logistics

• Specialised distribution

• Telecom

• Renewable energies and environmentals

• Cosmetics and beauty

• Agri-food industry

These experts have extensive experience gained in the management boards of leading French and international groups.

For cross-border transactions, the advisory teams mobilise and integrate resources from the relevant Mergers Alliance offices. Mergers Alliance associates and brings together more than 200 M&A professionals from all over the world.