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Biotope & Bioconsult: European alliance and creation of a global leader in environmental engineering

Nature protection: Biotope, the European leader in ecological engineering, joins forces with Bioconsult, the leading German consultancy specialised in off-shore wind power, and its subsidiary HiDef Aerial Surveying, Europe's leading provider of high-resolution aerial wildlife surveys. Aurignac Finance's Energy Transition team advised the transaction.

Biotope thus becomes a 27% shareholder in the German and British entities. The new Group employs 800 persons and registers over €80m in revenues. It has subsidiaries in 10 countries and operates permanently on 4 continents.

With this critical size, the three entities are able to respond to an essential challenge of their market: to obtain the most reliable objective data on a large scale in order to establish the most robust environmental impact studies and thus to define and implement optimal nature protection projects throughout Europe and the world.

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